What I like about Go: It’s quick and easy to create small programs, including support for Docker and everything. For example, today I developed a minimal URL shortener that stores the entries in a SQLite database: https://jlel.se/goshort

Now I have finally found a good use for the domain I recently registered. 😄

Today I watched a movie. Not a very good one, but one that entertained me. It was funny and I didn’t feel bored, as I do with some other films. And although the niveau of the film was not very high - my mother probably wouldn’t like it - I still don’t see it as a waste of time. There are good boring movies, just as there are also not so good, but entertaining movies (which kind of makes them good, doesn’t it?

What a coincidence: I wanted to look in my mails when I registered the domain jlelse.blog and it was exactly one year ago today. So congratulations to myself for one year jlelse.blog! 🎉

Since I use many different devices and want to access the same files from all of them, I run my “own cloud” at home with an Odroid-HC2 (a Raspberry 4 or similar device should work just as well). A 2 TB NAS hard disk (Seagate Ironwolf) is connected to the HC2, where all files are stored. Using Docker I have installed Nextcloud for files (documents, photos, etc.) as well as Gitea (code repositories).
The last few days I use my Spotify Premium subscription much more than before (I don’t usually listen to that much music). Especially if you spend most of your time indoors and only talk in videoconferences, on the phone or with bakery staff, it’s nice to break the silence with music. Sure, it is never quiet in my apartment in an apartment building with rather thin walls. Often I hear the music that the neighbours play (it’s always the same music), I hear the neighbours talking loudly to each other and I hear them watching TV.

It’s amazing how fast time can go by when you’re in a flow state. It’s an incredible feeling. Especially at the moment, when one usually has rather too much time.

Do you remember the picture I posted today about my home office desk?

I remembered that when I bought my PC, I also ordered a VESA mount kit so that I could screw the PC to a compatible monitor and my monitor is compatible. At that time I just didn’t do that because I somehow failed with the screws.

Today I tried it again and as it turned out I was just too stupid to use the right screws. There were two sizes, which I did not notice and of course intuitively took the wrong one. But now the VESA mount is finally in use and my little PC is hidden behind the monitor.

More space and tidiness on my desk!

I just had to share a picture of my workplace in the company internal wiki. That’s why I share the same picture again on my blog, so everyone can see how my desk looks like. My dream workplace would look like the one from David Heinemeir Hansson, but unfortunately the reality only looks like this: How does your desk look like?

The New York Times published a photo story (open the link in a private tab to avoid the login-wall) with photos of public places around the world in times of COVID-19. The emptiness in these pictures is on the one hand magical, but also somehow frightening. A virus has actually managed to stop the world.

These images are haunted and haunting, like stills from movies about plagues and the apocalypse, but in some ways they are hopeful.

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