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What is Fedora Silverblue?

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On my new PC, I use Fedora Silverblue since the beginning. Itโ€™s different than your normal distro, but I actually learned to love it, especially for itโ€™s atomic updates.


PGP, Webmentions and Microformats

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Today I did my first step to join the IndieWeb. I first had to generate a PGP key (thatโ€™s really new to me, I never did this before ๐Ÿ˜…) to be able to use my website for authentication. After I was able to successfully login to Webmention.io, the service, which can receive webmentions and pingbacks for you, I added support for webmentions to my blog, so I see when someone from the IndieWeb references my posts. After that I also added microformats2 support, so my blog should now be easier to parse.


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