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Do you still use RSS?

Published on in 💭 Thoughts
Reply to: Ask HN: Do you still use RSS?

Of course I still use RSS. RSS offers me the possibility to consume news in the way I want. No algorithms that think they have to decide for me what interests me and what not. No algorithms that withhold news from me. Only the feeds I have subscribed to, all news from these feeds and no advertising between the news. I’m done when I’m done and don’t have to look at any more suggested articles. And I have the possibility to save articles for later reading. Miniflux is my favorite RSS reader. And I use the word RSS representatively for RSS, Atom and JSON Feed.


Newsletter to RSS

Published on in 🔗 Links

Last month I wrote about my problem with newsletters. Today I discovered the service Kill the Newsletter!. It let’s you subscribe to newsletters by RSS. Therefor it creates a private email address and converts all emails received by this address into an Atom feed to which you can subscribe with any Atom-feed compatible news reader. That’s especially useful for newsletters that don’t provide an archive or RSS feed.


Jan-Lukas Else