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How I automatically create my blogroll

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I just updated my blogroll and thought that it might be a great idea to share my workflow to do exactly that. I use Miniflux a lot. Using Miniflux, I read all the blogs and get all the news, get updates from all the YouTubers and even subscribe to some Mastodon accounts (fediverse microblogs). I use multiple categories to sort the feeds. One of those categories is “Blogs” with all the blogs, which I also list on my blogroll.


Avast sells user’s browsing data

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Stories like this are a great reminder to not install any “freeware malware protection” software and unknowingly opt-in to data collection. If possible switch to Linux, or if you want to stay on Windows, use the integrated Windows Defender.


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Reply to: A question by Henrique Dias

I also follow “Hey ok yay?” (English) and “Is lieb?” (German, by the same author).


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