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My favorite Telegram features

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Reply to: Thoughts about Telegram by Henrique Dias

I think I’m in some kind of bubble, but most of the people I instant message with use Telegram, because either they are computer science students too or because I convinced (or persuaded) them.


Why Using WhatsApp Is Dangerous

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Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, wrote about “why using WhatsApp is dangerous”, citing the attack against Jeff Bezos.


My January ‘20 in Review

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In the 2019 year review, I have already announced that in the future I want to do a monthly review. I want to reflect on what I have experienced and learned in the past month, what has occupied me and also what I am going to do for the next month. Of course I will not be able to write everything on a public blog, but I will try to be as open as possible. This should also help a little bit as a reminder. So I can look back later on what I did every month.


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