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It was a very spontaneous decision, but it is now possible to follow my blog via Telegram: https://jlel.se/tgblog


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It’s nice weather outside this weekend. Yesterday I went cycling with my girlfriend, today I go for a walk. A good change from staying in the apartment all the time.

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How conversations work in the IndieWeb

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Like of: How to Have a Conversation on the IndieWeb

Desmond Rivet already wrote some pretty good articles explaining the IndieWeb (of which I already shared one on my blog) and now he adds another one about “How to Have a Conversation on the IndieWeb”. He explains things like Microformats, Webmentions and how those things play together. It’s a bit technical, but if you ever heard of words like “API” or “REST”, you’ll probably understand it.


Jan-Lukas Else