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I’m not really a TikTok user, but I have discovered a few accounts that are worth following. Since I don’t want to install TikTok under any circumstances and I don’t want to visit the website manually, I built myself a TikTok JSON Feed generator. This tool consists of only a few lines of JavaScript and uses the library tiktok-scraper. Now I can follow TikTok-ers and see new posts in Miniflux. I hope that TikTok will not block my server.


Microsoft Surface Go 2 and why I will NOT upgrade

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Microsoft today released Surface Go 2, the successor to the Microsoft Surface Go from 2018. All in all with few innovations, rather small improvements. The display edges have shrunk a bit, there is a model with a faster processor and the battery is a bit bigger. The Verge has published a video where they describe their first impressions of the new generation.


Home Office

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Not for everyone home office means sitting in front of the computer and working at home instead of in the office. For Fabio Wibmer, home office means that he does tricks with his bicycle at home instead of taking daring trips. This reminds me a little of the YouTube channel Dude Perfect.


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