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Less news

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

I just dropped a lot of feeds (mainly news) from my feed reader. I can’t scroll through about 900 new entries every day and then have 60 bookmarks that I spend all my time working through. Even though there are no algorithms that want to get me addicted to never ending timelines, I have to set limits.



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Michael Lynch is someone who, when he has an idea or a problem, spares no effort to get to the bottom of it and develop a solution, usually with a combination of hardware and software. Recently he developed a project that allows him to remote control a server just by connecting a Raspberry Pi via USB and HDMI. The Pi runs a program with a web interface that forwards the keyboard input to the server via USB and sends the HDMI output back to the browser. This allows it to control the BIOS and even install a new operating system.


Jan-Lukas Else