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Patreon CEO shares his most epic failures

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Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, talks about failures. Instead of focusing only on the one thing that is eventually successful, he talks about all his failures. About music videos, on which he spent half his fortune, but which were then unsuccessful and how he kept on trying and trying and trying. A really worth seeing talk.


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Reply to: A question by a reader

Answer to a comment by a reader on my last post: I know that there’s an active modding community for the Xiaomi Mi A1. However, I don’t want to use any custom ROM as long as possible, because it usually makes using banking apps etc. a lot harder and I don’t have any alternative to them. And Android 9 is still recent enough that all apps (I need) work fine. I used LineageOS on my Moto G 3rd Gen. and the Moto E 1 Gen. I had before.


I cancelled my 1+ Nord pre-order

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Shortly after the official announcement I pre-ordered the 12 GB version of OnePlus Nord on Amazon for 499€ minus 30€ Prime discount. It should have been shipped tomorrow and arrived at my place on Wednesday. However, I cancelled the pre-order today after I came across an article about display problems with this and other OnePlus devices (this is apparently not a rare problem with 1+).


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