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My October ‘20 in Review

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Welcome to Monthly Review number 10. Yes, October is also over now and I almost forgot to write this review, even though I knew that today is Reformation Day and Halloween and tomorrow we will be in the month of November. Whether it is a good or bad thing that 2020 is slowly coming to an end remains to be seen.


“Not a success story”

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Wise words by Manuel Moreale: Maybe this is just me getting tired or maybe it’s just a sign I need to spend more time outside. Whatever the case may be, let me just say that it’s OK if your life is not a “success story”. It’s ok if you simply wake up in the morning and try your best to be a great husband, wife, dad, mother, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, neighbor, or simply a good human being. In my opinion, that’s far more important and valuable than everything else.


Jan-Lukas Else