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Published on in 💬 Micro

Once again I have coded a new small blog feature: statistics 📈 (English blog, German blog). I find it interesting to observe how the number of posts per year has changed over the years. Maybe I’ll add more detailed statistics with posts per month etc. soon.


I have deleted a domain for the first time

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

Today I deleted a domain for the first time.


Another (more powerful) IFTTT alternative: n8n

Published on in 🔗 Links

Through a tutorial posted on Hacker News, I just came across another alternative to IFTTT and especially Zapier. IFTTT costs money now (at least pretty quickly when you get into the subject matter) and Zapier is not that cheap either. n8n is a good open source solution when it comes to workflow automation and is probably a lot more powerful compared to IFTTT too.


Jan-Lukas Else