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Newsletters didn’t kill Blogs

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

In my IndieWeb bubble, this essay by Robin Rendle about newsletters has been circulating for a few days. It says newsletters have killed blogs, blogs are too complex and newsletters are the future, because they are easier (or at least that’s how I understood it).


Published on in 💬 Micro

I got the sudden idea to add a feature to GoBlog that lets you read a random post. Said, done. After a few minutes and only a few lines of code, there is this functionality: For both my English and my German blog.


“The Complete List of Trump’s Twitter Insults (2015-2021)”

Published on in 🔗 Links

The New York Times has published a (very) long list of Trump’s Twitter insults. I’m curious to see if the internet becomes a little less toxic in the future, but I have little hope.


Jan-Lukas Else