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“The totalitarians of the attention economy”

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I mean. Fuck. Is that really what we’ve been reduced to? A set of eyeballs (or earballs??) to be squeezed until every last tear of attention is drained. The image of human batteries powering the simulation is barely a metaphor at this point.


What matters when Blogging

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If you’re running a personal blog, then it doesn’t matter how often or how much you blog. I think these points are much more important:


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Just a small comparison to show that many websites are completely obese: My bachelor thesis in PDF format (which I handed in yesterday) has a size of 1.4 MB. It contains several images and 85 pages of text. With a high information density, this is a much smaller size than most websites have. And it would have been probably also possible to compress or optimize the PDF further.


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