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Ad-less YouTube on my Chromecast

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Someone gave me the tip (thank you!) to use VLC to play YouTube videos with my Chromecast. Although it is possible to stream YouTube videos directly in the VLC Android app itself, it somehow doesn’t work in combination with the output to the Chromecast. An alternative is of course to first use NewPipe to download a video and then play it on the Chromecast using VLC.


Two years with my Surface Go

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The daily look into my OneDrive app showed me a photograph this morning: Of my Microsoft Surface Go with its accessories. Because two years ago today, I received and set up this device on which I’m typing this text right now. So for two years now, the Surface Go has been with me in my everyday life, taking on the role that my laptop had before.

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I regularly watch videos on YouTube via my Chromecast with Google TV. But I feel like I’m seeing more and more commercials. It’s almost like private television, where every video is interrupted every few minutes with advertising. And most of the time it’s two commercials in a row that can’t be skipped. I think I have to think about an alternative solution for YouTube…


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