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About me

Hello, I’m Jan-Lukas Else 👋

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I share my love for all things tech and programming. Let’s explore the world of computers and coding together.

A picture of myself

Where It All Began

I got my first computer from my parents when I was in school, and that’s when my fascination with technology started. Unlike most people, I wasn’t interested in playing games. I was more curious about what I could do with the computer. So, I started making small programs using Visual C++.

From Ideas to Competitions

I used my interest in technology to solve everyday problems. This helped me do well in competitions like Jugend forscht. In one project, I even created a program that could read handwriting before smartphones had this feature. This got me interested in Java, and I spent the next years making apps for Android, some of which I shared on Google Play.

Learning and Growing

After finishing school, I studied computer science at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, and I learned a lot both from my courses and from working with a company. While I started with Android, I later got into backend and web services.

Working Now

Now, I work for a company in the car industry. I use Java for the backend (Java EE and Quarkus Microservices) and Oracle SQL, along with JavaScript (Ext JS) for the front end. I also work with the AWS cloud.

Beyond the Code

In my free time, I dive into hobby programming. I have a passion for creating things that make life easier or more enjoyable. My favorite programming language for this is Go, and I often use SQLite to store information. Whether it’s improving my blogging software or crafting small tools to solve everyday challenges, hobby programming is my way of turning ideas into reality.

Hobbies and More

When I’m not coding or blogging, I love to travel. Train journeys are my favorite way to explore. I’ve taken trains from Germany to places like Portugal, Croatia, and Romania. I also enjoy bodyweight training to keep fit. Plus, I try my best to live a simple and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Let’s Connect

You can find more about my professional journey and work on my website or LinkedIn.

My Projects

To see what I am working on in my free time, check out my projects.

Jan-Lukas Else
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