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Will the $31 smartphone be my next daily driver?

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Have you heard about this? Micromax will soon launch a 31$ smartphone in India! Only 31!!! And best of all, it will work with Android Oreo (Go Edition)! The latest Android version on such a low-cost device…

This is a real sensation, because if you wanted a phone for such a low budget, you had to be satisfied with either a feature phone or a smartphone running years old software. But this could really make Android accessible to the next billion people.

It’s quite clear that you can’t expect a flagship with such a low-cost device and that you have to cut back on hardware. For example, the RAM will only be between 512 MB and one GB. Without optimized software, you could almost forget the smartphone because it’s not really good for anything.

But thanks to Android Go, it will really be usable. With Android Go, Google has introduced extra optimizations for devices with low-end hardware. There are also some extra-optimized apps, which take into account the shortage of resources by using less of them.

I am personally really curious to see if this project will be a success. Only out of curiosity I will try to get to such a device in some way.

Nowadays we often forget the real benefits of smartphones. It’s more and more important to have the latest equipment with the most memory and the best camera. But the fact that these parts can also be used for telephoning and sending short messages is becoming less important.

After all, if you don’t necessarily want to play computer-intensive games, such a device can certainly be sufficient for everyday use. Maybe it’s time to focus more on real life and less on the computer in our pocket.

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