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Go, Android Go!

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Since Google I/O this year we know about Android Go. An optimized system for low-end smartphones with RAM up to 1 GB. Packed with a slimmer Android version and the Go variants from all the Google apps.

Google finally made it. They released the Android Lite version a.k.a Android Go. They realized their system isn’t made for the cheap phones and they need to fix this problem, because you know - not everyone wants to spend five hundred bucks on a smartphone and not everyone can afford it.

So let’s expect new phones with specs in the range of smartphones we saw 5 years ago, but this time with Android 8.1 (Go Edition). Finally some cheap phones that don’t just run KitKat or Lollipop anymore.

I am personally especially interested in the new Go apps. Google noticed that there apps are not running well on devices with low specs - so they just created a few new apps. Welcome, Google Go, Files Go, Assistant Go, Maps Go etc. Files Go just got released for everyone (with Android 5.1 or higher) after it was in beta for quite some time. YouTube Go is also available (even if it’s just as APK from APKMirror). Hopefully the other apps will be too. It kinda sucks to have several GB used storage just for Google’s apps.

I am especially interested into an Android Go Custom Rom, if Google is going to release the source code for Android Go (which I’m not very optimistic about). It is never wrong to have a faster phone. Certainly more if you have a budget phone from 2015 and are too avaricious to buy a new one.

Let’s see, what’s coming…

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