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When I used to run back in the days, I used Runtastic to record my runs. When I tried running again last year, my app of choice was Strava. For recording hikes, I mostly use Komoot. But today for recording a bike ride, I tried FitoTrack.

FitoTrack is a completely open source Android app for recording workouts. You can select a number of predefined workout types, but you can also create your own workout types. The recorded route is displayed using OpenStreetMap, where different styles can be selected and offline maps can be set up.

The app displays all the information that you want to know (duration, distance, speed, pace, pause duration) in a nice and clear way. Unlike the other apps (Runtastic, Strava, Komoot), you are not annoyed with ads and do not have to sign up for expensive premium subscriptions.

Since FitoTrack works without cloud services, all app data can be easily saved as a file or individual workouts can be exported as GPX files.

I think in the future this will be my app of choice for recording routes. I am very impressed.


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