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Google, you are becoming an increasingly better Apple competitor

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That was it, Google, the launch event, where there was really nothing that wasn’t already known from various leaks (which you did yourself). Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was clear, Google Home Mini, a larger Google Home and a new Pixelbook. Only I hadn’t heard of the Pixel Buds before.

And admittedly, you’re becoming an increasingly better competitor against Apple. Not only are the Pixel cameras the best cameras ever seen in a smartphone. You also know how to point your middle finger at Apple by alluding to their weaknesses during the presentation. Other manufacturers have to install two cameras, we can do this with one. That’s how I like you, at last there’s some fresh impetus in the market.

Speaking about a fresh breeze in the market: I think it’s great that you finally give an update guarantee for your devices for 3 years. There are times when it is no longer necessary to buy a new smartphone every year due to missing security updates. And they will also get the latest Android, great thing. If you’re going to teach Samsung and Co. this strategy, it would have a great impact, especially on the environment. Because what happens to all those old phones? I know some iPhone owners who use their phones for up to 4 years.

Your next step should be to present a product for the masses. According to the tactics used by Tesla. First high-end products whose findings are then used in the development of a low-end product. A device that more people can afford. For maybe half or a third of the price of current Pixel devices. After all, what’s the point of your Internet balloons if the devices of the people who are supposed to receive network via them are so bad that it makes almost no difference whether they have reception at all?

Not to mention a Chromebook with Chrome OS, which starts at 999$ dollars…. It’s almost like the surface laptop that comes with Windows 10 S. I don’t really know anyone who would buy it.

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