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How to remove bloatware

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After I put my new SIM card in my phone today (yes, the one with the unlimited mobidata volume - thanks for all the replies to my recent post!), I noticed that there suddenly appeared a new app that wanted to offer me additional services via SMS, of course for a fee. An app with no benefit for me, even annoying me by the presence of the app icon in the app drawer and the missing possibility to deactivate the app!

But there is a relatively simple way to remove system apps even without root, at least so that the app no longer disturbs and is no longer visible for now. On the one hand, this can be done via ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on the command line on a PC, but there is also a relatively new open source tool, which saves you typing all the commands and allows the corresponding actions via a graphical user interface.

With the “Universal Android Debloater GUI”, I was not only able to remove the so-called “Sim Toolkit”, but also many other bloatware apps from Samsung, such as the “AR Zone”, the integrated cryptocurrency wallet or the password manager “Samsung Pass”.

As long as you are careful about which apps you remove, everything should be fine. The app “SD Maid” helped me to find the corresponding app IDs.

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