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I’ll Buy the Xiaomi Mi A1 when it get’s Oreo

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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed. When I wrote this post, I was only 18 years old!

Yes, I will really get my money together and buy this device when it has received the Oreo update, even if it is after Christmas.

I’m kinda a Xiaomi fan, even if I don’t have any device by this Chinese brand. All I have from them is a cheap pair of headphones (but with an amazing quality for the price tag) and a backpack. I’m in love with the backpack! Not just, because it looks good but because it’s quite a good quality. Compare the 20€ I spent for it with what you get in Germany for 20€ and you’ll be amazed too.

Some time ago Xiaomi launched it’s new Android One device called Xiaomi Mi A1 in India. Unlike the brand’s other smartphones it’s not coming with Xiaomi’s own Android fork MIUI, but with pure Android running Android One. Xiaomi smartphone powered with Google’s software.

Due to the Android One label and because the software isn’t havealy modified, it should be much easier for Xiaomi, to provide an update on time and not ten years later. Currently the Mi A1 is running Nougat (7.1), but the beta program for the 8.0 update just began. I’m excited to see if and when they push the new 8.1 update.

But nevertheless, 8.0 would be enough for the beginning and enough reason to buy this phone. I used my old Moto G from 2015 long enough now and a refresh would be a good thing.

It’s usually quite difficult to get Xiaomi phones in Germany, because they don’t officially sell them here. But I see more and more German shops lists these devices too. Although they are a little bit more expensive compared to when I would import them from China, but I experienced myself, how important warranty is. In Germany we have 12 month guaranteed warranty on electronic devices.

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