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A comment by Joe C:

Good day! I been using a similar workflow to yours (working on a VM running Ubuntu Server, connected to via VSCode using the remote SSH connection) and I was considering moving it to a VPS so that I could work from both my home and my parents house. However, there is one piece of the workflow that I cannot get my head around. I use Git, but at the moment I do this via a GUI on my Mac (not in the VM) as Git command line can be a bit fiddly when you have lots of files/bits of file to stage. This is possible because the files in the VM are mounted from the Mac file system, so all changes are quickly reflected on the Mac too. I can't see any way to do this if I move to a VPS - unless I run a Desktop version on the VPS and then have a Git client installed on there? What I would really like is a Git client that runs on my Mac, connects to another machine via SSH and then lets you interact with the files in the same way that VSCode does... but I don't think that exists!

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