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A comment by Kevin:

rssby.email is cool, and I like the simplicity. However I have found that it has a huge downside, feeds are removed after 90 days which can be pretty severe. I guess if you know that your blog is active it won't be a huge issue but it is pretty harsh to lose all of your subscribers for 90 days of inactivity. Now I am biased because I run FeedMail, but let me give a quick review of some popular RSS-to-Email services from a blog-author point of view. FeedMail - Preserves most styles from your RSS feed, fast updates including WebSub. Main downside is that it is paid-only. However for most blogs that 400 post free trial will be enough that your readers will never run out. (Or you can give your readers 1000 free with a referral link.) Blogtrottr - Free forever, strips basically all styles, fast updates including WebSub. Main downside is the ads. I used this for years before starting my own service. Feedrabbit - Free forever, no ads, preserves styles, slow updates. For a blog author a pretty good option as your readers are unlikely to hit the 10 free subscription limit (and if they are they are probably considering an account anyways).

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