Run a Completely Free Website

In this post I’ll describe you how you can run a fully customizable and fast website with an custom domain completely free!

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is the hosting service we’ll use for the website. GitHub Pages is a part of GitHub where you can host websites for free. How you can setup a GitHub Page read here. You can also use an custom domain, but later more…


Jekyll is the blogging system we’ll use to setup the page (or blog). Jekyll is a system with static websites but you can use Markdown (what’s really useful). For more information about Jekyll read here.


At you can register free domains with TLDs like .tk and without to give away all your private information to a WHOIS database.


CloudFlare is a free (basic version) service who helps you improve the speed of loading the page. There’s also an option to use SSL.

Hope this description are useful for you!

See you soon…

Jan-Lukas Else
20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.