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Aptoide is right, but wrong too

James Fenn published a blog about Aptoide’s campaign against Google’s “anti-competitive behavior”.

It is definitely true that Google’s monopolistic practices were unfair, and Aptoide was right to take action against them.

However, Aptoide does not have a clean slate of its own. They use wrong statistics to prove their own position being a safe app marketplace and allow copyright infringements, because anyone can upload any app to their platform.

James has found some of it’s own apps on Aptoide too, which he hasn’t published there and found that they contain malware.

On a personal note, I’ve recently discovered several of my own apps being hosted on Aptoide without my knowledge, […].

Like James, I clearly recommend against using Aptoide but use F-Droid, which only publishes free software (free like free beer and free speech), which they inspect before and compile themselves, ensuring there is no proprietary, malicious or tracking software included.

Be nice to Free Software maintainers!

In march Georges Stavracas wrote a blog on being a Free Software maintainer. Although he is very passionate about being one, he also experiences people who don’t understand that most Free Software maintainers spent their free time for those projects:

You will be demanded to fix your software. You will be shouted. Sometimes, the line may be crossed, and you will be abused. “How dare you not (use your free time to) fix this ultra high priority bug that is affecting me?” or “This is an absolutely basic feature! How is it not implemented yet (by you on your free time)?!” or even “You made me move to Software Y, and you need to win me back” are going to be realities you will have to face.

Unfortunately, being a free software maintainer may have a high price to your psychological and emotional health.

Four years ago, I certainly did not know that.

It’s just a reminder, that you should be nice to maintainers (and people in general)! Be kind when reporting bugs or asking for features, offer help or donate.

You should make a blog!

I found Drew’s website when he announced the opening of his git hosting alternative sourcehut. He has recently made the move to work full time on open source and often writes very interesting and deep technical articles on his blog.

Now he’s trying to motivate others to start blogging too by giving them twenty dollars:

This is an open offer to pay anyone $20 for starting a tech blog and writing their first article. If you write another 3 articles within 6 months, I’ll give you another $20.

If you have no blog yet, but want to start one, go and check out his offer!