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Be nice to Free Software maintainers!

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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed. When I wrote this post, I was only 20 years old!

In march Georges Stavracas wrote a blog on being a Free Software maintainer. Although he is very passionate about being one, he also experiences people who don’t understand that most Free Software maintainers spent their free time for those projects:

You will be demanded to fix your software. You will be shouted. Sometimes, the line may be crossed, and you will be abused. “How dare you not (use your free time to) fix this ultra high priority bug that is affecting me?” or “This is an absolutely basic feature! How is it not implemented yet (by you on your free time)?!” or even “You made me move to Software Y, and you need to win me back” are going to be realities you will have to face.

Unfortunately, being a free software maintainer may have a high price to your psychological and emotional health.

Four years ago, I certainly did not know that.

It’s just a reminder, that you should be nice to maintainers (and people in general)! Be kind when reporting bugs or asking for features, offer help or donate.


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