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Conversing through email

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In the recent past I got a similar experience like Brandon Nolet by conversing through email. Emails don’t have this presure to respond as soon as possible. You can take your time to think and then write a better response. Sometimes it can take days, weeks or even months. With email that’s not really a problem.

As someone who likes to keep in touch with people but isn’t good at small talk, I struggle with instant messaging. When writing emails, I can take my time and think about how to continue the conversation better and discuss topics more deeply. With instant messaging, whether it’s using WhatsApp (the most popular messaging app in my country), Telegram or Twitter, I always feel bad when I don’t respond immediately. Notifications popup again when I just dismiss the notification, but don’t open the chat. When I open the chat, but do not respond, I have a bad feeling, because the conversation partner can see that I read the message but didn’t respond. Email feels less indimidating here and also adds some feeling of privacy and freedom.

We should converse more through email.


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