Do you journal?

Just a short time ago, I wrote about my favorite journaling software rwtxt. Today I discovered the story of someone else journaling.

In his post “Journaling” (on Hacker News), Jonathan Borichevskiy, writes about his journaling strategy and the different types of entries he writes. He journals, because humans don't have “a diagnostic port not unlike the kind your mechanic checks when you take your car in for maintenance” yet. 😂 It's a very interesting read.

I think I'm currently at the stage of getting used to writing Level 1 entries (just a log of what happened the day) daily or at least every other day. But although I'm just starting, I already feel how journaling can help me structure my thoughts. I highly recommend journaling.

Jan-Lukas Else
20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.