Twitter will go away one day

It’s impressive how Zach Leatherman built an archive of all his tweets on his personal website to take ownership of them. That way all his tweets will be preserved even if Twitter goes away one day.

I’ve invested a lot into Twitter and I’ve received a lot of value from Twitter. I’ve made a lot of friends and professional connections on the site. I’ll be sad when Twitter goes away. Without a doubt, it will go away. It’s only a question of when.

He is using his static page generator Eleventy to generate over 27k pages with every build (unfortunately he doesn’t tell us how long each build takes - I would be very interested to know this).

Instead of archiving all my tweets on my website, I try to post nothing important on Twitter, but use my blog whenever I have something to say that should be preserved for all eternity. I then post the link to my fediverse account and Twitter. I also mass-delete tweets sometimes.

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