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Ghost 3.0

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I’m making heavy use of my new publish method today, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff today…

Today Ghost is releasing version 3.0 of their CMS featuring support for paid memberships and a better integration with the JAMstack (static sites built using a headless CMS).

I once used Ghost for my blogs, but I realized that having a static site built with Hugo is giving me more control and is reducing the need for resources and maintenance as well as increasing simplicity. I’m still very happy with this setup, I don’t plan to switch back or anything like this.

But what I appreciate about Ghost’s new release is, that they are trying to give publishers new options to setup their sites to earn money without ads. We seriously need a new monetization model for the web. This new feature might be also interesting for writers who are looking for alternatives to Medium and the Medium membership program.

Let’s see how things develop…


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Jan-Lukas Else
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