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reveal-hugo: Slides with a Reveal.js theme for Hugo

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AI generated summary: The blog post discusses using the reveal-hugo theme to easily create and embed Reveal.js slides into a Hugo generated website.

With PowerPoint, Keynote or Impress you can create nice presentations, but as a developer you might also want to version control your slides or create them with code. That’s where Reveal.js comes in. You can create beautiful slides with Markdown and they get rendered nicely in the browser.

I already created some slides with Reveal.js, of which I also shared one online. I had a separate Git repository and a Netlify deployed site. But I wanted to get rid of that extra-site and embedded it directly into my homepage, which is a Hugo generated site, like this blog.

I found the reveal-hugo theme, which let’s you easily create slides with Reveal.js and Hugo. All I had to do was to add the theme as a second Hugo module (the new way of adding themes or other site components, no more git submodules!) to my site, create a new output format (as described on the Github page) and add a new page with some extra frontmatter.

It’s so easy!

I migrated that one published slide and also added a second one I had laying around (both are in German) and published them on my homepage.


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