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Why you should remove Disqus from your site

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AI generated summary: The blog post discusses reasons why one should remove Disqus from their website, including the fact that it slows down the site, tracks visitors and shows ads, and inserts affiliate links in comments and content. The author suggests using a privacy-friendly alternative called Commento or removing comments altogether.

Marko Saric wrote down a few reasons, why you should remove Disqus from your website:

  1. Embedding Disqus makes your site slow
  2. Disqus tracks your visitors and shows ads
  3. Disqus inserts its own affiliate links in comments and content (for example when you mention Amazon, it inserts an affiliate link to Amazon, to get a referral fee with every purchase)

It’s not possible to entirely disable advertising without paying for the premium plan of $10/month, but there are some settings that can make things a bit better.

There’s a privacy friendly alternative called Commento, if you really need comments.

I removed Disqus long time ago, first replaced it with a GitHub-based solution, but in the end decided to completely remove comments. Comments are a spam-destination and I don’t want to waste time moderating that. People can either send a webmention to my posts or send me an email.


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