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A blog is not a commitment

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Yes! A blog is not a commitment! If you want to tell something, just do it. Even if that’s just one thing. Another thing may come to your mind, but it’s no problem when that’s years later. Just start a blog.

I’ve seen people who said the reason they haven’t started a blog is because they know they’d abandon it and feel guilty. I’ve heard people dismiss the very idea of blogging, saying that it serves no purpose except to make bloggers feel guilty for not posting often enough. This is a shame, because it means there are people with thoughts they want to share with the world who aren’t sharing them!

There’s no need to feel guilty about blogging infrequently, so if you’ve got something to say, don’t let that stop you!

I have no schedule for my blog too. On some days I publish multiple posts, links or thoughts. And then there are weeks without a single noise. I publish, when I want to share something, but not when it’s time to do so.



Jan-Lukas Else
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