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Google is not a search engine, but an ad engine

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DHH, CTO of BaseCamp, tweets the following:

Google is not a search engine, it’s an ad engine. You search to find stuff, they respond with a full page ad. This is so ludicrously user hostile that it’s only tenable when you operate a monopoly. Break. Them. Up.

Later he adds:

This is what monopoly abuse looks like in the age of surveillance capitalism. Google are able to raise the cognitive price on users because they’ve cornered the market. If they were not the dominant entrance, they’d never be able to get away with this.

Previously, Jason Fried, CEO of BaseCamp, already tweeted, that BaseCamp needs to buy ads on Google just to appear on top of the page, when someone googles for their company - above competitors who place ads on searches for BaseCamp.

Just another case of Google and it’s monopoly. Check out alternatives.


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