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Skip reCAPTCHA challenges with the Buster Add-On

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If you aren’t using Chrome but another browser like Firefox with turned-on privacy settings and an add-on like uBlock Origin, it can happen that you come across reCAPTCHA challenges quite often (because Google thinks, you’re a bot). They are pretty annoying to solve manually, so there is an add-on named Buster that solves the audio challenge by using speech recognition.

I just recently installed it, but so far it worked pretty well, even without the optional client app (which requires to turn off fingerprinting prevention). If you click on “I’m not a robot”, there’s another symbol next to the headphones icon. Click on that, click on “Play” and it will probably solve the challenge. If it doesn’t work on the first try, just try a second time. It’s probably still faster than choosing the correct images.

Give it a go to save time!


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