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100 Days To Offload

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100 Days To Offload, an initiative started by Kev Quirk, is a nice idea to get people blogging.

Just. Write.

It’s not about writing 1000 words each day for 100 days, there are no limits on the length or shortness of the posts. It’s about getting into the habit of blogging and publishing on your personal blog. And once you have made it for 100 days, then it should be easy to stay with it.

However, I probably won’t join this initiative, because first of all I post enough that I probably already have the 100 days full (according to the guidelines you are allowed to take breaks, so don’t be stressed), but also I sometimes have the feeling to use my blog to procrastinate. Instead of continuing with my homework, I prefer to write a blog post.

But if you’ve always thought about starting to blog, how about finally doing it now and taking the challenge to blog for 100 days? You don’t have a blog yet? Write.as is a simple and comfortable solution (also free of charge).



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