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Thanks to Steven Ovadia’s post, I discovered the newsletter of Scott Nesbitt and the “musing” “On Minimalism”. This text, as well as some others that I have read, really speaks from my heart.

For me, minimalism is a choice. It’s an attempt to reduce my footprint on an overburdened planet. It’s about having enough and not much more. At a material level, minimalism is a focus on what you need rather than on what you want.

Minimalism isn’t a race to the bottom. It’s not a competition to see how much of your life you can pare away, how many material goods you can shuck aside. No. Minimalism is an understanding. An understanding of the minimum of what you need to life a fulfilling life, to live a comfortable life. For each of us, the definition of minimalism is different.

Minimalism doesn’t need to be a way to proclaim your ascetic discipline and virtue to the world. Minimalism should be quiet. It should be private. It should be personal.



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