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"Nitter Redirect" add-on to redirect Twitter to Nitter

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It’s not that uncommon to come across a link to Twitter. But when opening the link in the browser, I am often told that the tweet has failed to load. This may be due to my Firefox settings, uBlock Origin or something else, but it was so annoying to have to click on “try again” that I installed an add-on that automatically redirects me from Twitter to Nitter. (See all my installed add-ons here.)

Nitter is an alternative frontend for Twitter. Much faster, without unnecessary and slow JavaScript and it even offers RSS feeds for Twitter profiles. After I deleted my Twitter account, I use Nitter to be able to continue following some profiles.

I think it is a shame that the developer community is so focused on Twitter. Instead of homepage domains you see Twitter usernames much more often. Also in the IndieWeb there are some pages that constantly link to Twitter.


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Jan-Lukas Else
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