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Towards a Commenting System

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Matt Baer from Write.as wrote about his ideas for a comment system for Write.as called Remark.as. I think he thought things out pretty well and instead of just building a comment system as known from other blog systems, he found a good solution that allows human conversations.

My aim is to address the problems of spam and trolling on personal blogs by gently adding friction, while sending conversation to the most fitting digital channel (which might not be blog comments).

The rough idea is that either private comments can be sent by email or public comments can be posted on your own (Write.as) blog and then a notification is sent. If the author of the original article wants to have the comment displayed, then a link to the comment is displayed below the article. The whole thing shall be realized first via ActivityPub and later also webmentions.

It reminds me of my own blog. It doesn’t show the comments (or interactions) directly, but only links to them. In general it is always possible to contact me privately: https://jlel.se/hi


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