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Blogging is easy

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If I had to make a list of my 5 favorite blogs, Weekly Musings by Scott Nesbitt would be included. Issue 72 is about blogging:

Blogging should be as easy as composing and sending an email. It can be that easy.. Actually, it is. In the end, how complex blogging gets doesn’t depend on the technology you use. It depends on you. You can choose to make blogging easy. You can choose to make it difficult. But if blogging is important to you, why not eliminate as much entropy as possible and take the easier route?

It’s kind of a response to a post by Robin Rendle who is using a quite complex blogging setup. But it is so complex because he himself has made it so complex.

There are platforms like Write.as where blogging is very easy. So if you think about starting to blog, don’t be scared by posts about people complaining how complex their setup is, how they are fighting with WordPress-databases. Choose a simple platform and just start writing! 😄



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