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Email is Not Broken

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A few days ago, I started writing a rant about the new email service HEY (but I discarded the draft because I could not put my criticism into words properly.) While I appreciate that there is a new privacy-focused email service, I do not understand the hype. I don’t understand how it should revolutionize email. There are already a few email services that you pay for. And also the problem of vendor lock-in (by using provider domains instead of custom domains) is not solved by not (yet) supporting custom domains. And also the UI doesn’t look very appealing to me.

Kev has explained his criticism of HEY in detail and explains his opinion, which I can fully agree with:

All three of the problems with email that I have talked about in this post boil down to the user and their choices, rather than email as a service.

Hey is an interesting take on email and it may be the next big thing for email. But I personally feel that it’s a lot of hype, purely because it’s a new shiny thing for techies to play with.



Jan-Lukas Else
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