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AI generated summary: The blog post discusses the author's decision to create a page on their website featuring a small selection of the music they listen to in order to get an overview of their music preferences and potentially switch to a different music platform in the future.

In April, I wrote:

But I got so used to Spotify recommending me music that I like, that now I don’t even have an idea what artists the music is from. I wouldn’t know which artists to look for on a buying platform and how to discover new music.

It was a spontaneous idea, but since I already have pages on my website with stuff I use and movies I’ve watched, I now have a page with music I listen to as well.

This is not a complete list of the music I have saved in my Spotify library, but a small selection of it. Maybe adding to this list over time is a good way to get an overview and sense of what kind of music I’m actually listening to and maybe it will make it easier for me to switch to MP3s or just another streaming service later. But in any case, the site features music that I like myself.


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