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“Why I started microblogging”

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Bryan Sebesta shares his reasons for microblogging:

I often run across things that I’d like to share but don’t deserve their own post. Outside of Twitter, how do I share it? A microblog creates a space for that.. It becomes […] “a way for me to put everything I do online that is visually small — anything small enough not to require scrolling: quotes, links, images, audio files — in one place, and a place on my own site.”

I have quite similar reasons for microblogging and blogging in general. After I left Twitter (and I still think that was a good decision – for multiple reasons), my blog is now my main online presence. All things I want to share on the internet, I share on my blog or on my website. My blog is like my public journal now. It helps me sharing my voice on topics, thinking out loud, asking for help or just telling the world what I’m doing (for those who are interested). Not being locked into a silo (like Twitter) gives me almost full control over my content and the presentation of it.


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