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“OnePlus is preloading its phones with Facebook bloatware”

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It was probably a good decision to cancel my OnePlus Nord pre-order. Next to the display issues there are delivery delays and now there’s another problem too.

As AndroidPolice reports (warning: this page contains a lot of tracking scripts, uBlock Origin showed me a “55” badge), OnePlus phones also get preloaded with Facebook bloatware (and probably spying software). Having Google services installed, at least the Play Store and stuff needed for that, is one thing, it’s the bitter pill if you want to have access to most apps. But Facebook bloat- and spyware in addition to that (and also installed as system apps) is a bit too much for my taste.

You can uninstall the user-facing Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps, but not the background services. It is possible to disable them, however, and doing so won’t break anything on your phone. OnePlus says it will continue to install these Facebook apps and services on phones sold in Europe, India, and North America.

No thanks, OnePlus!


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