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Open Twitter links with Nitter (solution for Android)

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I don’t like Twitter and I’m a fan of Nitter as an alternative frontend. Whenever there’s a link to Twitter, I use Nitter to read it. Especially the mobile web version of Twitter is terrible, even more with a slow network connection. Not to mention the bad user experience when reading threads. Nitter gives a much better experience because it’s lightweight and fast.

It’s not that uncommon that there are links to Twitter on Hacker News or in blog articles. In my desktop browser I use an extension that automatically redirects to Nitter when opening Twitter links. But on my phone I always had to copy the URL of the tweet and replace “twitter.com” with “nitter.net”. But that’s annoying to do, so I searched for an alternative and actually found one.

It’s an app called “UntrackMe” and it’s available to download via F-Droid. The code is available here.


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Jan-Lukas Else
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