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“Why Getting Paid for Your Data Is a Bad Deal”

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has some good arguments against selling your privacy, a so called “data dividend” or “pay-for-privacy”.

You wouldn’t place a price tag on your freedom to speak. We shouldn’t place one on our privacy, either.

And is privacy only for rich people?

Those vulnerable people […] should not be incentivized to pour more data into a system that already exploits them and uses data to discriminate against them. Privacy is a human right, not a commodity. A system of data dividends would contribute to a society of privacy “haves” and “have-nots.”

It’s also why we advocate strongly for laws that make privacy the default—requiring companies to get your opt-in consent before using your information, and to minimize how they process your data to what they need to serve your needs.

I’m glad we have this in the EU with GDPR.

But the article also takes a closer look at the value of the data, it’s definitely worth reading.



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