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Raspberry Pi 400

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a new product: the Raspberry Pi 400. It’s basically a keyboard with a modified Raspberry Pi 4 board included. It kind of reminds me of the Commodore 64. I’m from after this era of “home computers”, but in the basement there’s still one from my father. Maybe I should take a closer look at it, it’s certainly exciting to see a computer from a time when the subject of computers was just coming up and people would have thought you were crazy if they knew what technical specifications smartphones have today.

But about the Pi 400: I think this is a good innovation that gives people in poorer regions or with lower income access to a computer. Or even children, when they need to be taught from home. The Pi 400 should have enough power to easily surf the Internet, edit documents or participate in video conferences. Also, unlike the Pi 4, it seems to have no more problems with heat and even has a faster processor. Jeff Geerling took it apart and looked inside.



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