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Spotify review of 2020

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It’s time for Spotify Wrapped (I think it’s not called Wrapped anymore) again. Let’s see to what music I listened in 2020.

According to Spotify these were my top genres: “Groove Room”, “Tropical House”, “Wave”, “German Hip Hop” and “German House”. I have no idea about genres and absolutely don’t know what “Groove Room” and “Wave” are. 😅

My top song of this year was “Vergangenheit” by Sublab, who was also my top musician. Apparently I am also one of the top 1% of Sublab listeners. I did not know that I am such a fan. 😂 But in total I listened to 1347 artists.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t seems to tell you how much music you’ve heard in total anymore. But I think I belong to those who listen rather less. There are days when I don’t listen to music at all.

Update: It seems like some people can see more listening stats. The reasons that I don’t see them is probably that I don’t listen enough. They surely do not want me to notice how little I listen and then possibly cancel the subscription.


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