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“The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML”

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Terence Eden has written memorably why it is important to write simple HTML. Especially for pages that might be important to some people.

In the middle, a young woman sits on a hard plastic chair. She is surrounded by canvas-bags containing her worldly possessions. She doesn’t look like she is in a great emotional place right now. Clutched in her hands is a games console – a PlayStation Portable.

Walking behind her, I glance at her console and recognise the screen she’s on. She’s connected to the complementary WiFi and is browsing the GOV.UK pages on Housing Benefit. She’s not slicing fruit; she’s arming herself with knowledge.

When you’re always working with the latest technology, owning the newest laptop, the latest smartphone, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is in the same situation.

Although technology is becoming faster and better, websites are becoming more and more bloated and cluttered with JavaScript.



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