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Simple.css and classless CSS frameworks

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Kev Quirk recently released his new project Simple.css, a CSS stylesheet that focuses on vanilla HTML without classes.

Similar to new.css, it tries to provide a simple and much more streamlined alternative to Bootstrap and similar projects to easily create a pretty website without having to come up with CSS rules yourself. Kev has even created a long-form tutorial explaining how to create a simple blog using Simple.css and Jekyll.

While it should be relatively easy to create a simple blog with a few simple CSS rules, I can also still remember what it was like before I dared to write CSS myself. Projects like this are nice and reduce the barriers to create a website at all.

Next to 100DaysToOffload another project from Kev, which might bring more people to blogging. 😀

P.S.: Speaking of blogging, since I’m sometimes short on ideas for what to write about at the moment, I’m open to suggestions on what would interest my readers!



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